The central provinces media delegation to visit the photoelectric worg



On the morning of July 13th, organized by the Propaganda Department of the municipal Party committee, a concentrated interview was held around the industrial economy. By the Xinhua news agency, China News Agency, the Central People's broadcasting station, Hongkong TV, Hongkong daily, Hongkong Economic Herald, Jiangxi TV, Jiangxi daily, Southern Metropolis Daily, information daily, Jiangxi radio, Xinyu TV, Xinyu daily and other media media group, the Au Optronics Co to visit the Jiangxi world. Xinyu Municipal Foreign Affairs Office, the municipal government information office, High-tech Zone Office, accompanied by relevant departments such as the Ministry of economic operation. Jiangxi provincial Party Secretary Yu Yuan, chairman of Au Optronics Co worg Secretary Wan Bing and other relevant departments of Hospitality。

The idea of light power Secretary million soldiers on the project location, project planning, product positioning as a solution to the reporter group。

During the visit, worg photoelectric chairman secretary million soldiers on the project of rapid construction, workshop building, production line design, equipment optimization, product advantage and product application and other aspects of a comprehensive introduction。


Member of the media of worg photoelectric technology and process innovation give high evaluation from time to time, press the hands of the shutter at the same time, compared to carry out the mobile phone and worg photoelectric TFT glass with great interest. The photoelectric technology innovation and highly affirmed "the pursuit of quality。

At the end of the event, the total is million members of the media to take the summer to come to interview to give thanks, also shows that "all the leaders and people, the photo on the various media attention and promotion, through continuous improvement must adhere to the" pragmatic, cooperation, learning and innovation "code of conduct to ensure the quality of products and services of the company。