Professor Qian Feng and his party visit the WG Tech Research Guide



The morning of September 2nd, Professor China academician, Academy of Engineering East China University of Science and Technology vice president Qian Feng to visit Jiangxi worg Au Optronics Co research guidance. Xinyu Municipal Committee, organization minister Lai Guogen, vice mayor Xu Wenbo, Yu Guojie, Secretary of the Party committee of the hi tech Zone, and Fu Qiang, deputy secretary of the Party committee, attended the inspection. Company general manager Zhang Xun introduced a line of money production and operation of the company, the company party secretary Yu Yuan, assistant chairman Zhou Huirong accompanied the visit。

During the visit, "general manager Zhang Xun photoelectric project rapid construction, workshop building, production line design, equipment optimization, product advantage and product application and other aspects of a comprehensive introduction。

Finally, Qian Feng professor and his party after the visit, the company's production line layout and planning to give a high degree of evaluation. General manager Zhang Xun also said, will be guided by the policy, in order to lead the concern for power, as the core technology, to create a strong team, the production of quality products, the ability of thorns, to occupy the market, and make unremitting efforts to create excellent brand image.