Wgtech to carry out disaster emergency evacuation exercises throughout the plant



 In order to further strengthen the enterprise fire safety management, fire prevention and reduce fire hazards, strengthen fire safety awareness of the employees, improve the fire safety prevention, self-help, escape, rescue ability, the afternoon of July 15th, worg photoelectric ring joint administrative personnel department carry out factory fire emergency evacuation drill。 

Before the drill, the environmental safety department according to the actual production of our factory, careful preparation of the exercise program, the emergency evacuation principle and attention, formulated the emergency evacuation escape route, set the hand as each team leader, to ensure strict and orderly exercise process。

The exercise is designed to exercise the cadres and workers in a burst of fire, earthquake and other natural disasters, to master the essentials to escape, efficient and orderly carry out emergency work, the accumulation of collective evacuation, emergency organization of combat experience, improve the emergency protection and rescue capability, strengthen safety awareness, improve the early warning mechanism。

As the emergency warning signal rings, staff are ordered to evacuate to designated security areas in an orderly manner under the heads of departments。

After the end of the exercise, Liu Songlin, deputy general manager of the second business division, made a summary of the exercises and made recommendations to all staff for the safety work at the plant. Through the staff to carry out training activities, to further improve the safety awareness, familiar with the escape evacuation line, but also enhances the ability of self rescue, self-retaining Science。

Finally, all the staff ordered out of the house。