United relay - show women‘s style



In March 8th, voge optoelectronic held a relay on the theme of "concerted relays and women's demeanor". 505 women and workers participated in the competition. All of them welcomed the 38 women's day in the laughter and laughter.。

At the scene of the activities, all of these sisters are valiant and eager to participate. The beautiful and healthy figures are in the field, the spirit and strength compete in sports, and happiness and happiness are passed on in the laughter.

The whole game is not only tense, but also interesting. It is full of rich festival atmosphere. The sisters have spent a full and meaningful and meaningful festival in their laughter and struggle。

Meanwhile, the Chinese cafeteria also prepared sweet red Fuji apples for all the female employees.。

This event shows a healthy, United and cooperative spirit, and further encourages all women workers to devote themselves to work with more full enthusiasm, more high spirit and stronger body, and to contribute to the development of voge photoelectricity.。