Wgtech in March 16th to carry out military training activities



In order to train employees to organize discipline, unite and cooperate quickly and integrate into the collective. With the attention of the leadership of the company, the careful arrangement of the administrative personnel department and the assistance of all departments, in March 16th, a 2 day military training activity was launched in the W1 Park of the company. The military training activities were attended by the best employees of various departments of the company.  

Under the instructor's instructions, all the trainees had no slack, and completed a series of queue movements, such as standing position, a little interest, standing, turning back, and walking together. With a neat square, vigorous pace, loud slogans, positive attitude and full spirit, the company led and taught the leadership and teaching of the company. The unanimous praise of the officials is that the training of the queue emphasizes the unity of individuals and collectives. Enterprises also need the unity of individuals and collectives.。

The step error of a member in a queue will affect the tidy of the queue, and an employee's fault in an enterprise will also affect the performance of a department and even a company. Since the military training, we have deeply felt the joy and hardship of the army life, and realized the importance of military training. This military training exercises the will and perseverance of everyone. The company spirit of "unity, dedication, integrity and innovation" is also well reflected.。 

   To carry forward the spirit of military training, to bring the organizational discipline and hard work spirit cultivated in the military training into the daily work, to combine the eagle like individual and the goose like team, through the unremitting efforts of everyone, to forge the team of vogs into a team that is good at making progress, hard work and strict discipline. The new spirit will meet the challenges of the future.

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