WG Tech first basketball tournament



In order to construct a healthy and civilized corporate culture atmosphere, promote friendship and harmony among the various departments of the company, at the same time, enhance the team spirit of mutual competition and cooperation, and promote a harmonious management atmosphere, the company hosted the first basketball competition in charge in 2018. There are 6 teams in this competition, with 4 men plus 1 women in the round robin way to carry out PK.。

The weather is so hot that the directors of the company are full of enthusiasm and high fighting spirit. The atmosphere at the scene was also very active. Cheering and shouting kept the basketball atmosphere warming. During the competition, the players not only showed professional basketball skills, but also gave full play to team spirit. During the waiting period, the players who did not participate became enthusiastic cheerleaders, cheering and cheering for the team from time to time. Players in the game played a tenacious spirit of physical struggle, in the backward situation, still every ball must fight, never give up

After nearly a month of intense competition, Vogel optoelectronic first director of basketball in the tight finals came to an end. Third, the division, the first division and the second part of the business won the crown, the Asian and the second army。

The successful holding of this basketball match has further enlivened the amateur cultural life of the company's team in charge, fostered team spirit, fully embodied the spirit of the company's team in charge of working hard and courageous, displayed a good spirit of unity and cooperation, healthy and progressive and corporate culture atmosphere, and inspired the overall momentum. Morale, communicating the feelings of various departments and enriching the lives of supervisors. It will have a far-reaching impact on further improving the cohesion and centripetal force of the whole staff, building a harmonious team, promoting the leading role and team spirit