WG Tech launching fire emergency evacuation drills



In order to further strengthen the work of fire safety management in enterprises, prevent fire and reduce fire hazards, strengthen the awareness of fire safety of staff and workers, and improve the ability of fire safety prevention, self-rescue, escape and life-saving of staff and workers, on the afternoon of June 27, Jiangxi Vogel Photoelectric Co., Ltd. organized staff to conduct a fire emergency evacuation drill throughout the factory.。

Before the drill, the Ministry of Environmental Safety worked out the drill plan carefully and carefully in accordance with the actual production of our factory, clarified the principle of emergency evacuation and matters needing attention, formulated the route of emergency evacuation, and set up a special person to be the leader of each group to ensure the rigorous and orderly drill process。

The purpose of this drill is to train the staff to master the essentials of escape when a fire breaks out. The fire drill also examines the ability of the company's emergency rescue organization to put out the initial fire and guide the evacuation of personnel, so as to ensure that our emergency rescue organization can carry out emergency work efficiently and orderly in an emergency situation.。

Fire alarms rang at 16:30 on June and 28, 2018, and fire broadcasts advocated evacuation. All departments of our company urgently rescued < span style= "font-size:16px;"> members of the aid organization immediately led evacuation at the nearest safety exit and all 417 people in the factory arrived at the assembly site safely within 4:48 seconds.

After the drill, Vice General Manager He Zhibin summed up the drill activities, and put forward suggestions to all staff for plant safety work. Through the fire drill, the staff further enhanced their safety awareness, familiarized themselves with the escape routes, and enhanced their ability of scientific escape and self-protection。