“Warm Double Ninth Festival”2018 Thank you for your photo-electric staff parents physical examination activities



In order to let employees'parents understand the enterprise, understand their children's professional environment, do a good job in the integration of enterprise culture and family culture, and enhance the sense of belonging of employees, on October 17, during the Chongyang Festival, the company launched a "love Vogue, respect for the elderly" - - inviting parents to go into the factory to experience activities, organizing employees' parents to visit the enterprise, and exempting them from such activities. Fee experience. This is the company's tradition of respecting the elderly for five consecutive years.

First of all, the company leaders on behalf of the company extend sincere thanks to all family members for their silent efforts. Subsequently, the company leaders led all the employees'families to visit the company's cultural wall, corridor and the first business department, and report to the family members on the development of the company, the fulfillment of social responsibility and the welfare of employees. The company always insists on respecting, caring and treating employees kindly, providing warm and harmonious working and living environment for employees, providing a good development platform, and achieving self-achievement and surpassing self in the Vogue family.

After the visit, the family members of the staff came to the physical examination area one after another, and under the guidance of the staff, they carried out more than ten items such as blood sampling, blood pressure measurement, B-mode ultrasonography and so on. During this period, Huang Wen and his mother, Aunt Gan, who have participated in this activity for three consecutive years, said that the previous understanding of Vogel was only a glass enterprise. After visiting and understanding on the spot today, we found that Vogel Optoelectronics is a high-tech enterprise with advanced equipment and garden-like factory area, in addition to Vogel Optoelectronics. I also care about the family members, let us understand the working environment of our children, let us rest assured that our children will be handed over to Vogel. I am sincerely happy that my son can work and live in Vogel. Now, whenever I see Vogel's products, sponsored programs or promotional advertisements, I pay special attention and feel proud because Vogel is getting stronger and stronger because my son is a Vogelian.。

Vogel's development and staff's growth are inseparable from the strong support, understanding and dedication of family members. The purpose of this event is to build a platform for communication between employees'family members and enterprises through such activities, and invite our employees' family members to visit the employees'work site, so as to gain a deeper understanding of the company. The company will sincerely give back the trust of family members and gain the support of family members with pragmatism