Cultivating the ability of sustainable development management MDP



 With the continuous development of science and technology and the change of working style, in order to improve the management skills of middle-level managerial cadres in our company and build up an iron and steel cadre force, Dr. Lin Wentian of Suzhou Duobishi Enterprise Management Consulting Co., Ltd. was hired to carry out four-day off-production training in the factory from October 19 to 21 and 23. According to the training requirements of Vogel photoelectric middle-level cadres'management skills curriculum system, we develop the curriculum into MDP Manager Sustainable Development Program。

MTP is originally meant to manage training programs. Mainly for the middle and senior managers to assume responsibilities and tasks to form two training systems with different emphasis. The most prominent feature of MTP is to complete the training framework of "knowing" and "doing" in one, pay attention to the solution of practical management problems, and give a clear commitment and guarantee to training effectiveness.。

From October 19 to 21, the role recognition, development direction, work management and personnel management of managers were taught. On the 23rd, we will talk about managerial leadership. Dr. Lin Wentian has gradually deepened his teaching skills to enable students to fully understand the needs of business people in a relaxed and lively environment, and combine his teaching skills to make the content of his training courses more in-depth and simple。

The training strengthens the cohesion of all the trainees and promotes the ability of individual integration analysis and decision-making. Effectively improve the level of enterprise management and management personnel interpersonal coordination, cooperation and teamwork skills. It also deepened the harmonious feelings of management cadres through pleasant class activities。